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YHR (York House Recordings) was a cassette label that existed between 1980-83. Initially created as a way to release cassette albums by MFH, the 'band' Andrew Cox and I formed at the tail end of 1979, it went on to release 31 titles by various European artists. Some, including Cluster, Conrad Schnitzler, Asmus Tietchens and Günter Schickert, were quite well-known at the time.   ​

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YHR 001  MFH First Move (1980)

Debut release for both YHR and MFH. Harsh, rudimentary mash of electrical devices, percussion and occasional vocals, recorded in bedrooms and underneath a laboratory at Sussex University between Nov-Dec 1979.​

YHR 002  MFH Within 30 Miles (1980)

A more accessible collection of short, rhythmic synth & guitar pieces and pulses, recorded at Radio Falmer, Sussex University.

YHR 003  Andrew Cox Arioch (1980)

Solo release by MFH member, recorded live on a heavily modified JEN XS2000 synthesizer. There were parallels with Pete Shelley's Sky Yen, released the same year. Arioch was the God of Chaos in Michael Moorcock's SF novels.​

YHR 004  Gordon Alien O Puss (1980)

Aka This Little Alien, aka Gordon Hope. A dozen sparse synth, guitar and vocal tracks. Gordon had previously issued two cassettes as This Little Alien and two as Those Little Aliens. He also co-edited Flowmotion fanzine. ​